Andor Security focuses on training and services far beyond national borders

Almost 4 years ago, to be exact, 17 November 2017, we also had the opportunity to write an article for Arnhem Business to introduce our security company Andor Security Service to you. We are now 4 years on and I would like to share with you the developments within our company.

During the interview and photo shoot, we were in the middle of restoring our new office building on the Hoofdstraat in Tolkamer. The building was the old post office and dates from 1872. A few months later, in March 2018, we moved into this beautiful historic building with all our belongings. Andor Security Service had a beautiful home from that moment on.

Towards the end of the renovation and the upcoming relocation, we were also in the process of acquiring a security company that specialised in the safe declaration of air cargo by means of EDD (Explosive Detection Dogs). The company D-Scan BV had the recognition of the NCTV and was certified as a training and deployment company by the Koninklijke Marechaussee. Our aim was that by taking over this company we would also become a player at the national airports. In order to strengthen our market position within the air freight sector, we were able to expand our services in 2018 by installing a Duel View X-Ray device in addition to our EDD teams. This highly advanced X-Ray device can scan pallets up to a maximum of 180 cm wide and 180 cm high for the presence of explosives and abnormal objects. From that moment on, and in cooperation with two partners in the field of Dangerous Goods and Transport Services, we could confidently state that we could offer our air cargo customers a total screening and handling solution for all air cargo.

Since we do not stand still and always strive for expansion and innovation, we participated in a tender in 2020 for the PSD (Passenger Screening Dogs) at Schiphol Airport. Which we eventually won. In short, this means that we are currently deploying specially trained PSD teams at Schiphol to check passengers' hand luggage and bodies for the presence of explosives. We are also proud to say that we are the only private security company in the whole of Europe to provide these services.

Our goal of becoming a decisive player at the airport has been achieved; we are currently among the top three companies that, through their own specialisation, make a major contribution to the safety of the national airports.

Until now, we have concentrated on our services within our national borders. The need to go international has always been present. Last September 1st was the day. After a process of information exchange and research, we came to an agreement to incorporate the company K9 Group Holland into our organisation. With this step we see opportunities to further expand in the field of training, deployment and services far beyond our borders. How this adventure will go, we cannot say after one month. Perhaps with a nod to the editors to contact us again in 4 years.

Source: RAN Media


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Andor Security Service is a leader when it comes to surveillance with dogs. The dog brigade of Andor Security Service is a specialized and highly respected discipline within our services. Our security guards are trained for vigilance and have the right knowledge and skills, even for security without dogs.

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Andor Security Service is a valued security expert for the construction industry. We have an agreement with the majority of the medium-sized and large construction companies in the Netherlands for security and surveillance services during (new) construction and renovation projects. We provide permanent surveillance, with or without dogs, of your terrain or location.
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