Policemen want to take service dog for defence: "Necessary especially in coronation time".

The violence with which special investigating officers have to contend on the street is on the increase. The municipality of Rotterdam therefore wants to investigate whether they can go out with a service dog as a means of defence.

One in three police officers has to deal with physical violence every month. Since the corona crisis, almost ninety per cent have noticed an increase in violence. "I have never experienced so much violence in a short time. Physical violence, provocation, pushing, pulling, coronas, you name it," Ruud Kuin of the Dutch Association of Public Servants told Edition NL.

Easter Sunday
On Easter Sunday, for instance, things got seriously out of hand in Rotterdam. There, twelve traffic wardens were seriously assaulted by a group of twenty youths. Trade unions are now pleading for the reinforcement of traffic wardens with service dogs. They have entered into discussions on this with Rotterdam alderman Bert Wijbenga (VVD).

Ruud Kuin of the Dutch BOA Association
Ruud Kuin of the Dutch BOA Association
"Policemen are often the first on the spot in cities when there are problems. In those first minutes, when the police are not yet present, they have to be able to defend themselves", Ruud Kuin explains.

Other resources
According to him, a truncheon and pepper spray are the most convenient and cheapest means of achieving this. "But the municipality of Rotterdam finds this very complicated in principle because of the state's monopoly on the use of force. That is why we are arguing for a service dog as an alternative."

Kuin thinks that the presence of a dog can make a big difference. "A dog is quite a deterrent. It creates distance. Few people will take it into their heads to hold out their hand to the traffic wardens if there is a dog there."

Source: RTLNieuws


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