D-Scan BV receives awarding at Schiphol

EDD-training and deployment company D-Scan BV has been awarded Lot 3 for the deployment of Passenger Screening Dogs (PSD) at Schiphol Airport.

This company is part of Andor Security Service, a member of VBe NL. The work of the PSD tracker dog teams will be carried out jointly with security staff from G4S. G4S is currently supplier on (part of) this plot and has been awarded the entire plot 3 and 4. The work includes the checking of passengers and hand baggage by specially trained EDD dogs (Explosive detection dogs).

Additional security measure
All this as an extra security measure for the airport. The dogs are trained to detect different types and quantities of explosives. D-Scan BV gets this assignment for at least four years. The work will start on 3 December 2020. It gives the company the opportunity to contribute to a safe environment for passengers and everyone involved in the daily operations of Schiphol Airport.

Reliable partner
"We are not a newcomer at the airport," says Managing Director Danco van der Ley. "Over the past years we have amply proven that D-Scan is a reliable partner for various clients for the safe declaration of air cargo.  D-Scan offers for quite some time the total solution for the handling of the entire cargo screening. D-Scan has the recognition of the National Coordinator Counter Terrorism and Security as EDD (Explosive Detection Dogs) certified training and deployment company under supervision of the KMAR (Royal Military Police). In addition, the company owns its own Dual View L3 X-Ray device for screening air cargo that cannot or may not be done by the EDD.

National security organisation
D-Scan BV is part of operating company Andor Security Service BV. This company (over a hundred employees) is a nationwide operating security organisation since 2004 and market leader in the field of dog surveillance by Surveillance Service Dogs and other disciplines such as: Explosive Detection Dog (EDD), Narcotic Detection Dog (NDD) and Stowaway Search Dog (SSD).

Source: VBE


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