Object security

Object surveillance by Andor Security Service: that is security through professional ad hoc or permanent surveillance of your object, for example your business premises or house. Burglary, fire or an accident not only cause direct damage, but also unwanted interruptions of the business process. You limit that risk by outsourcing your security to Andor Security Service.

How we complete your object security

In a personal meeting, we will discuss your wishes and determine the desired security level with you. We will then work this out in a risk analysis. Once you have approved this analysis, we will draw up a guidance or security plan. This clearly defines concrete actions: we do not overlook anything, we leave nothing to chance. Practice shows that this approach is successful.

The security guards are well prepared

Our security guards are trained for vigilance and have the right knowledge and skills. In addition, it is important that the security officer can do his job well specifically at your premises. Therefore, we ensure that the security officer is well-instructed about your situation and the agreements made. We continuously provide education, training and coaching to our employees.

Taken die Andor Objectbeveiliging kan uitvoeren

  • 24-hour security for your company
  • Security of your company/premises during construction or relocation
  • Carrying out fire and closing rounds
  • Carrying out internal and external control rounds
  • Preparation of risk analyses and/or security plans
  • Guarding your home during your absence
  • Alarm tracking
  • Key holding
  • Daily reporting of findings

We will be happy to put together a tailor-made package of security services for you. Want to know what fits your situation best? Then please contact us.


Our other services


Our EDD teams are specially educated and trained to be deployed in case of suspected or possible presence of explosives. The dogs are trained to recognise the 12 basic substances (TNO). The handlers have completed an extensive training course in explosives and safety measures.

building monitoring

Andor Security Service is a valued security expert for the construction industry. We have an agreement with the majority of the medium-sized and large construction companies in the Netherlands for security and surveillance services during (new) construction and renovation projects. We provide permanent surveillance, with or without dogs, of your terrain or location.