Our Services

Andor Security Service is a nationwide security organization and market leader in dog guarding. We have been a reliable security partner since 2004. Andor Security Service provides deployment services in the private security industry in the form of dog surveillance and object monitoring. We have the Keurmerk Particuliere Beveiliging (private security label) and since March 2013 we are ISO 9001 certified. This guarantees a demonstrably excellent quality for our customers. Andor is also a recognized training company according to the guidelines of the ECABO, so you can be sure that we have the latest knowledge in our field.

Dog surveillance

Andor Security Service is a leader when it comes to surveillance with dogs. The dog brigade of Andor Security Service is a specialized and highly respected discipline within our services. Our security guards are trained for vigilance and have the right knowledge and skills, even for security without dogs.
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Object security

Object surveillance by Andor Security Service: that is security through professional ad hoc or permanent surveillance of your object, for example of your business premises or house. Burglary, fire or an accident.
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Front Desk Services

The first impression of your organisation is made at the entrance. After all, this is the first point of contact with your visitors. So it is important to have the right people working there.

Event security

Besides the regular security activities, Andor Security Service is also specialised in securing events. Andor Security Service secures an event completely by its own deployment of supervisors, traffic controllers, artist escorts and dog handlers. And the security plan? You can leave that to us as well.
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Our other services

Mobile surveillance

Burglars and vandals are increasingly targeting business parks, shopping centres and residential areas. The mobile surveillance of Andor Security Service helps prevent crime, vandalism, unnecessary alarms and fire hazards. It also creates a safe feeling. Our skilled surveillants provide surveillance of buildings, objects and grounds.
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Porter Services

You want to have optimal control over the daily flow of employees, visitors and goods entering and leaving your company. Then the doorman service of Andor Security Service is a godsend. The primary task of the doorman is to ensure that unwanted visitors do not enter your premises at the entrance.
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Building Surveillance

Andor Security Service is a valued security expert for the construction industry. We have an agreement with the majority of the medium-sized and large construction companies in the Netherlands for security and surveillance services during (new) construction and renovation projects. We provide permanent surveillance, with or without a dog, of your terrain or location. The guard patrols the terrain with a representative and recognisable service vehicle.
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Detection Dogs

In addition to the regular guard dogs, the Andor dog brigade also has 'detection dogs', specialised in the disciplines: Explosive Detection Dog (EDD), Narcotic Detection Dog (NDD), Stowaway Search Dog (SSD) and Explosive Detection Dog (EDD). With the increasing risk of terrorist activities, there is a greater need for specially trained explosive detection dog teams at airports, national government agencies and major national carriers.
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Alcohol & drugs

Alcohol en drugs zijn een probleem dat veel voorkomt op de werkvloer. Om dit te kunnen traceren is Andor Security Alcohol & Drugs vanaf 2007 werkzaam met narcoticahonden. De hondengeleiders zijn professionals op het gebied van speurhonden en narcotica. Wij bieden een totaalpakket aan bedrijven en scholen om drugsgebruik te traceren en te voorkomen.
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