Mobile Surveillance

Burglars and vandals are increasingly targeting business parks, shopping centres and residential areas. The mobile surveillance of Andor Security Service helps prevent crime, vandalism, unnecessary alarms and fire hazards. It also creates a safe feeling. Our skilled surveillants provide surveillance of buildings, objects and grounds.

Herkenbaarheid mobiele surveillance werkt preventief

The vehicles of the mobile surveillance of Andor Security Service are clearly recognisable. This has a preventive effect. To prevent predictability, the patrols always drive their rounds in a different pattern, at different times.

Alarm tracking

A logical addition to the control of mobile surveillance is alarm monitoring. If the alarm goes off in your building, you do not have to go out at ungodly hours. Moreover, this is a high-risk task that you would do better to leave to a trained invigilator.

Surveillancetaken die Andor mobiele surveillance kan uitvoeren

  • preventive control rounds
  • opening and closing accompaniment
  • fire prevention and closing rounds
  • key holding
  • use of emergency services

Do you want to know what reports you can expect, how often and how we check, in short how we work exactly? Then contact us.


Our other services

building monitoring

Andor Security Service is a valued security expert for the construction industry. We have an agreement with the majority of the medium-sized and large construction companies in the Netherlands for security and surveillance services during (new) construction and renovation projects. We provide permanent surveillance, with or without dogs, of your terrain or location.

Object security

Object surveillance by Andor Security Service: that is security through professional monitoring of your object, for example your business premises or home. Burglary, fire or an accident not only cause direct damage, but also unwanted interruptions of the business process. You limit that risk by outsourcing your security to Andor Security Service.