Front Desk Services

The first impression of your organisation is made at the entrance. After all, this is the first point of contact with your visitors. So it's important to have the right people working there. People who know what hospitality and service mean.

Andor Security Service has well-trained and experienced personnel to man your counter or reception desk, on a temporary or structural basis. They perform all regular reception tasks, if desired supplemented with secretarial work, for example. The quality and continuity of your reception services are guaranteed by outsourcing to Andor Security Service.

Of course, it is also possible to compose a tailor-made service package, of which security can be a part.

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Our other services

Dog surveillance

Andor Security Service is a leader when it comes to surveillance with dogs. The dog brigade of Andor Security Service is a specialist and highly respected discipline within our service. The security guards with guard dogs are very suitable for use in risky situations such as events, risky transports and for example in vacant properties or on remote industrial estates.

Porter Services

The primary task of the doorman is to ensure that unwanted visitors do not enter your premises at the entrance. Well trained in their field of security, they provide more than just control. They can perform a wide range of security tasks. Of course, they can also be deployed to support the facilities organisation.