About Andor Security Service

Andor Security Service bestaat inmiddels 17 jaar en is in die tijd uitgegroeid tot een respectabele landelijke partner in de beveiliging met diverse disciplines. Onze reguliere beveiligers en receptionisten zijn werkzaam op verschillende projecten o.a. distributiecentra, parkeergarages, grote koeriersbedrijven etc. Daarnaast zijn wij ook vertegenwoordigd in de zorgsector. Al jaren leveren wij zorgbeveiligers voor een aantal zorginstellingen in de verslaafdenzorg. Onze werkzaamheden beperken zich niet alleen tot de reguliere beveiliging, receptiediensten en zorgbeveiliging maar zijn zeer divers.

Andor Security Service is closely involved with several renowned clients on the railways, in the ports and at the airport. It could be that you book a trip abroad and walk past our PSD dog (Passenger Screening Dog) at Schiphol Airport, who then friendly greets you and in the meantime, without you noticing, sniffs at you to check if you are not carrying prohibited items. Or that you are waiting for the ferry to England at Europoort and you see one of our people walking with his dog along several lorry trailers, looking for people who want to cross the border without permission. Don't be alarmed when you want to get on the train when you see a security guard with a dog from Andor Security Service standing on the platform of a station. If everything is quiet on the platform and there are no incidents, you know why he is there and that he has done his job well.

As we are in possession of the Security Seal of Approval and are also ISO 9001 and VCA* certified, we have set up an integrated management system to properly manage the various disciplines. This guarantees our clients demonstrably excellent quality.

The security guards are professionals

Our security guards are trained for vigilance and have the right knowledge and skills. They are always in possession of a Beveiliger 2 diploma, BHV certification and/or first aid certificate. Service, integrity and professionalism are of paramount importance. Short lines of communication and a large staff complement enable us to respond immediately to calamities and complex or ad hoc situations.

We consistently adhere to top quality

The market and our working methods, adjusted to it, force us to continuously invest in safety, training, quality, professionalism, integrity, etc. We do this with pleasure. The focus is on you: Our client and supplier. We like to show you what Andor Security Service stands for and what you can call us to account for. That's why we distinguish ourselves in customer friendliness, good accessibility, fast delivery time and adequate problem solving. As a customer, you will ultimately reap the benefits of this.

Vision, mission and target

Andor Security Service is a private security organisation that operates in line with the market. We deliver services in a professional and businesslike manner without losing sight of reliability, safety and quality. In the actions of Andor Security Service the client is central. Efforts should be made to attract and retain satisfied customers.

By doing the right things really well and by staying in contact with our clients, from the first meeting until long after the completion of a project, quality goes before quantity. That is the strategy Andor Security Service consistently sticks to. Our market and our way of working mean that we invest in a wide range of internal and external areas in security, training, quality, professionalism, integrity, etc. In all these areas, we have to take into account our clients and suppliers. We like to show them what Andor Security Service stands for and what we can be held accountable for.

All security officers are expected to master and comply with the mission and vision of Andor Security Service. They are also expected to accept and propagate the core values that fit with this mission and vision.


Our Services


Andor Security Service is a leader when it comes to surveillance with dogs. The dog brigade of Andor Security Service is a specialized and highly respected discipline within our services. Our security guards are trained for vigilance and have the right knowledge and skills, even for security without dogs.


Object surveillance by Andor Security Service: that is security through professional ad hoc or permanent surveillance of your object, for example your business premises or house. Burglary, fire or an accident not only lead to direct damage, but also cause unwanted interruption of the business process.