Porter Services

U wilt optimaal controle hebben over de dagelijkse stroom werknemers, bezoekers en goederen, die uw bedrijf inkomen en verlaten. Dan zijn de portiersdiensten van Andor Security Service een uitkomst.

The primary task of the doorman is to ensure that unwanted visitors do not enter your premises at the entrance. Well trained in their field of security, they provide more than just control. They can perform a wide range of security tasks. Of course, they can also be used to support the facilities organization. Andor Security Service provides professional, accurate and helpful security guards.

Porter services that Andor can perform

  • Controlling incoming and outgoing goods
  • Access control and registration of staff, visitors and suppliers
  • visitation
  • Camera surveillance
  • Key management
  • Carrying out fire prevention and closing rounds
  • Openings
  • Providing first aid for accidents
  • Company Emergency Response
  • A composite package of facility services

We will be happy to put together a package of doormen and security services tailored to your situation. Do you want to know what fits your situation best? Then contact us.


Our other services

Mobile surveillance

Burglars and vandals are increasingly targeting business parks, shopping centres and residential areas. The mobile surveillance of Andor Security Service helps prevent crime, vandalism, unnecessary alarms and fire hazards. It also creates a safe feeling. Our skilled surveillants provide surveillance of buildings, objects and grounds.

Object security

Object surveillance by Andor Security Service: that is security through professional monitoring of your object, for example your business premises or home. Burglary, fire or an accident not only cause direct damage, but also unwanted interruptions of the business process. You limit that risk by outsourcing your security to Andor Security Service.