About Andor Security Service

Andor Security Service is a nationwide security organization and market leader in dog guarding. We have been a reliable security partner since 2004. Andor Security Service provides deployment services in the private security industry in the form of dog surveillance and object monitoring. We have the Keurmerk Particuliere Beveiliging (private security label) and since March 2013 we are ISO 9001 certified. This guarantees a demonstrably excellent quality for our customers. Andor is also a recognized training company according to the guidelines of the ECABO, so you can be sure that we have the latest knowledge in our field.

Security and surveillance

Andor Security Service is a leader when it comes to surveillance with dogs. The dog brigade of Andor Security Service is a specialized and highly respected discipline within our services. Our security guards are trained for vigilance and have the right knowledge and skills, even for security without dogs.
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Parts of andor Security Service

K9 Group Holland is part of Andor Security Service. It has earned its spurs worldwide in the field of training and deployment of dogs. With its own training facility, it is fully equipped to provide a dog training programme for any discipline.
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D-Scan is part of Andor Security Service.
D-Scan offers the total solution for air cargo screening. D-Scan is recognised by the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security as an EDD certified training and deployment company.
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