Sectors in which Andor Security is active

Due to our different security disciplines, we are active nationwide in various sectors, including the port area, the railway network, airports, healthcare and various events.

Port area/Maasvlakte

Our activities in the port area include various distribution centres of different clients on the Maasvlakte. For these clients, we provide reception services, object security and porter services. We are also involved in the control and detection of illegal migrants by means of specially trained migration dogs at a number of Ferry companies.

Rail network

We monitor the safety at various NS stations and yards. In the yards, our dog handlers ensure that the train sets are not vandalised or defaced. For ProRail we work on various railways against copper theft.

Schiphol Airport

At Schiphol Airport, D-Scan BV deploys Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) and X-Ray equipment on a daily basis to ensure that air cargo is declared safe. Besides screening air cargo, we also deploy Passenger Screening Dogs (PSD) for checking hand baggage and passengers.


Besides the regular activities, we are also involved in the security of very diverse events. From large events and festivals such as PinkPop to major crowd-pullers such as the Formula 1 at Zandvoort.

Nationwide projects

For various companies in different parts of the country, we provide complete security of business premises with reception services, doorman services and object security.

In addition to companies, we are strongly represented in the healthcare sector with the deployment of specially trained healthcare security staff at, for example, clinics and shelters.
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Our Services

Dog surveillance

Andor Security Service is a leader when it comes to surveillance with dogs. The dog brigade of Andor Security Service is a specialized and highly respected discipline within our services. Our security guards are trained for vigilance and have the right knowledge and skills, even for security without dogs.

Porter Services

You want to have optimal control over the daily flow of employees, visitors and goods entering and leaving your company. Then the doorman service of Andor Security Service is a godsend. The primary task of the doorman is to ensure that that unwanted visitors at the entrance of your premises do not enter your premises.