Event security

Besides the regular security activities, Andor Security Service is also specialised in securing events. Andor Security Service secures an event completely by its own deployment of supervisors, traffic controllers, artist escorts and dog handlers. And the security plan? You can leave that to us as well.

A conclusive security plan for the security of your event

In a personal meeting, we will discuss your wishes and determine the desired security level with you. We will then work this out in a risk analysis. Once you have approved this analysis, we will draw up a guidance or security plan. This clearly defines concrete actions: we do not overlook anything, we leave nothing to chance. Practice shows that this approach is successful.

Need sponsorship?

The involvement of Andor Security Service does not stop at security. We know like no other that many events owe their existence to the goodwill of sponsors. Here too we gladly make our contribution, in consultation with you.

Do you want to know why Andor Security Service is so often asked for the security of large events? Then contact us.


Our other services

Mobile surveillance

Burglars and vandals are increasingly targeting business parks, shopping centres and residential areas. The mobile surveillance of Andor Security Service helps prevent crime, vandalism, unnecessary alarms and fire hazards. It also creates a safe feeling. Our skilled surveillants provide surveillance of buildings, objects and grounds.

Detection Dogs

Our EDD teams are specially educated and trained to be deployed in case of suspected or possible presence of explosives. The dogs are trained to recognise the 12 basic substances (TNO). The handlers have completed an extensive training course in explosives and safety measures.